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Climate Risk Management


Daily life and economic activity are greatly affected by anomalous climatic conditions. The potential for adverse effects from such conditions is referred to as climate risk, and climate risk management (CRM) involves understanding and taking effective measures against it. The Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) is intended to support better management of climate-related risks, but few sectors currently perform CRM using actual climate information. One of the reasons why CRM has not been more widely adopted is a lack of clarity regarding how it should be implemented. To promote the use of climate information for CRM in Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has developed best practices for CRM such management in collaboration with its partners. This website details such practices for CRM in the fields of agriculture, health, energy and retailing.

The Three "A"s of CRM

The CRM process involves the steps of awareness, assessment and adaptation. JMA provides public- and private-sector operators with extensive support and advice for better management of climate risk in each step. Firstly, it is important for each sector to be individually aware of the climate's potential influence. In this context, JMA works to develop awareness of climate risk in various user sectors based on dialogue. Secondly, it is important to assess climate risk quantitatively based on the analysis of climate-related and industrial data in areas such as agricultural production and sales. To this end, JMA provides an accessible and user-friendly online climate database to facilitate assessment of climate risk. Finally, adverse influences can be reduced and benefits increased in climate-affected sectors by taking action for adaptation to climate risk using various climate forecast products on the site. In addition to the current provision of the latest forecast products for adaptation, JMA also plans to output hindcast products enabling users to perform verification of their practical actions.

Best Practices in CRM

    See the leaflet (PDF 3.9MB) in detail.

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