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Revision history

19 October 2017 Added data in Spring of 2017.
RF1703.AER.ZIP (Ryofu Maru: Winter of 2017) Added Aerological data.
RF1606.WAT.ZIP (Ryofu Maru: Summer of 2016) Added freon-11, and freon-12 and freon-113 data.
Ryofu Maru: RF1601.WAY (Winter); RF1606.WAY (Summer) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration, and atmospheric and sea water methane concentration data of 2016.
Ryofu Maru: RF1602.WAY (Winter); RF1604.WAY (Spring); RF1605.WAY (Spring); RF1608.WAY (Fall); RF1609.WAY (Fall) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration, and atmospheric methane concentration data of 2016.
Keifu Maru: KS1601.WAY (Winter); KS1602.WAY (Winter); KS1603.WAY (Winter); KS1604.WAY (Spring); KS1605.WAY (Spring); KS1606.WAY (Summer); KS1607.WAY (Summer); KS1608.WAY (Summer); KS1609.WAY (Fall) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration data of 2016.
Keifu Maru: KS1503.A (Winter of 2015); KS1507.A (Fall of 2015); KS1607.A (Summer of 2016) True direction (in degrees) toward which current is flowing and speed, direction of the ship in degrees, speed of the ship in tenths of knots and heading of the ship from gyro in degrees data are corrected.
27 July 2017 Added data in Winter of 2017.
RF1606.CTD.ZIP, RF1606.E (Ryofu Maru: Summer of 2016) CTD dissolved oxygen data are corrected.
18 April 2017 Added data in Fall of 2016.
JPBN2016IM5.TXT (Keifu Maru); JGQH2016IM5.TXT (Ryofu Maru) Added Maritime meteorological data of 2016.
Ryofu Maru: RF1603.AER.ZIP (Spring of 2016); RF1604.AER.ZIP (Spring of 2016); RF1605.AER.ZIP (Spring of 2016); RF1606.AER.ZIP (Summer of 2016); RF1608.AER.ZIP (Fall of 2016) Added Aerological data from spring to fall of 2016
Ryofu Maru: RF1601.OHM, RF1601.FLT (Winter); RF1602.OHM, RF1602.FLT (Winter); RF1603.OHM, RF1603.FLT, RF1603.TRB (Spring); RF1604.OHM, RF1604.FLT, RF1604.TRB (Spring); RF1605.OHM, RF1605.FLT (Spring); RF1606.OHM, RF1606.FLT, RF1606.TRB (Summer); RF1608.OHM, RF1608.FLT, RF1608.TRB (Summer); RF1609.FLT (Fall) Added petroleum hydrocarbon, heavy metal, floating pollutant and tar ball data of 2016.
Keifu Maru: KS1601.OHM, KS1601.FLT (Winter); KS1602.OHM, KS1602.FLT, KS1602.TRB (Winter); KS1603.FLT (Winter); KS1604.OHM, KS1604.FLT, KS1604.TRB (Spring); KS1605.OHM, KS1605.FLT (Spring); KS1606.OHM, KS1606.FLT, KS1606.TRB (Summer); KS1607.OHM, KS1607.FLT, KS1607.TRB (Summer); KS1608.FLT, KS1608.TRB (Summer); KS1609.OHM, KS1609.FLT, KS1609.TRB (Fall)
19 January 2017 Added data in Summer of 2016.
Ryofu Maru: RF1002.WAT.ZIP, RF1002.E (Spring of 2010); RF1003.WAT.ZIP, RF1003.E (Spring of 2010); RF1005.WAT.ZIP, RF1005.E (Summer of 2010); RF1007.WAT.ZIP, RF1007.E (Fall of 2010); RF1101.WAT.ZIP, RF1101.E (Winter of 2011); RF1102.WAT.ZIP, RF1102.E (Winter of 2011); RF1106.WAT.ZIP, RF1106.E (Spring of 2011); RF1107.WAT.ZIP, RF1107.E (Summer of 2011); RF1108.WAT.ZIP, RF1108.E (Summer of 2011); RF1109.WAT.ZIP, RF1109.E (Summer of 2011); RF1111.WAT.ZIP, RF1111.E (Fall of 2011); RF1201.WAT.ZIP, RF1201.E (Winter of 2012); RF1202.WAT.ZIP, RF1202.E (Winter of 2012); RF1203.WAT.ZIP, RF1203.E (Spring of 2012); RF1205.WAT.ZIP, RF1205.E (Summer of 2012); RF1206.WAT.ZIP, RF1206.E (Summer of 2012); RF1208.WAT.ZIP, RF1208.E (Fall of 2012); RF1301.WAT.ZIP, RF1301.E (Winter of 2013); RF1302.WAT.ZIP, RF1302.E (Winter of 2013); RF1303.WAT.ZIP, RF1303.E (Spring of 2013); RF1304.WAT.ZIP, RF1304.E (Spring of 2013); RF1306.WAT.ZIP, RF1306.E (Summer of 2013); RF1307.WAT.ZIP, RF1307.E (Summer of 2013); RF1310.WAT.ZIP, RF1310.E (Fall of 2013); RF1401.WAT.ZIP, RF1401.E (Winter of 2014); RF1402.WAT.ZIP, RF1402.E (Winter of 2014); RF1403.WAT.ZIP, RF1403.E (Spring of 2014); RF1404.WAT.ZIP, RF1404.E (Spring of 2014); RF1405.WAT.ZIP, RF1405.E (Spring of 2014); RF1406.WAT.ZIP, RF1406.E (Summer of 2014); RF1407.WAT.ZIP, RF1407.E (Summer of 2014); RF1409.WAT.ZIP, RF1409.E (Fall of 2014); RF1501.WAT.ZIP, RF1501.E (Winter of 2015); RF1502.WAT.ZIP, RF1502.E (Winter of 2015); RF1503.WAT.ZIP, RF1503.E (Spring of 2015); RF1504.WAT.ZIP, RF1504.E (Spring of 2015); RF1505.WAT.ZIP, RF1505.E (Spring of 2015); RF1506.WAT.ZIP, RF1506.E (Summer of 2015); RF1507.WAT.ZIP, RF1507.E (Summer of 2015); RF1509.WAT.ZIP, RF1509.E (Fall of 2015) Silicate data from 2010 to 2015 are corrected.
Keifu Maru: KS1002.WAT.ZIP, KS1002.E (Spring of 2010); KS1003.WAT.ZIP, KS1003.E (Spring of 2010); KS1004.WAT.ZIP, KS1004.E (Spring of 2010); KS1005.WAT.ZIP, KS1005.E (Summer of 2010); KS1006.WAT.ZIP, KS1006.E (Summer of 2010); KS1007.WAT.ZIP, KS1007.E (Fall of 2010); KS1008.WAT.ZIP, KS1008.E (Fall of 2010); KS1009.WAT.ZIP, KS1009.E (Fall of 2010); KS1101.WAT.ZIP, KS1101.E (Winter of 2011); KS1102.WAT.ZIP, KS1102.E (Winter of 2011); KS1107.WAT.ZIP, KS1107.E (Summer of 2011); KS1109.WAT.ZIP, KS1109.E (Summer of 2011); KS1110.WAT.ZIP, KS1110.E (Fall of 2011); KS1201.WAT.ZIP, KS1201.E (Winter of 2012); KS1202.WAT.ZIP, KS1202.E (Winter of 2012); KS1203.WAT.ZIP, KS1203.E (Spring of 2012); KS1204.WAT.ZIP, KS1204.E (Spring of 2012); KS1205.WAT.ZIP, KS1205.E (Summer of 2012); KS1206.WAT.ZIP, KS1206.E (Summer of 2012); KS1207.WAT.ZIP, KS1207.E (Summer of 2012); KS1208.WAT.ZIP, KS1208.E (Fall of 2012); KS1209.WAT.ZIP, KS1209.E (Fall of 2012); KS1301.WAT.ZIP, KS1301.E (Winter of 2013); KS1302.WAT.ZIP, KS1302.E (Winter of 2013); KS1303.WAT.ZIP, KS1303.E (Spring of 2013); KS1305.WAT.ZIP, KS1305.E (Spring of 2013); KS1306.WAT.ZIP, KS1306.E (Summer of 2013); KS1307.WAT.ZIP, KS1307.E (Fall of 2013); KS1308.WAT.ZIP, KS1308.E (Fall of 2013); KS1401.WAT.ZIP, KS1401.E (Winter of 2014); KS1402.WAT.ZIP, KS1402.E (Winter of 2014); KS1403.WAT.ZIP, KS1403.E (Spring of 2014); KS1404.WAT.ZIP, KS1404.E (Spring of 2014); KS1405.WAT.ZIP, KS1405.E (Summer of 2014); KS1406.WAT.ZIP, KS1406.E (Summer of 2014); KS1501.WAT.ZIP, KS1501.E (Winter of 2015); KS1502.WAT.ZIP, KS1502.E (Winter of 2015); KS1504.WAT.ZIP, KS1504.E (Spring of 2015); KS1505.WAT.ZIP, KS1505.E (Spring of 2015); KS1506.WAT.ZIP, KS1506.E (Summer of 2015); KS1508.WAT.ZIP, KS1508.E (Fall of 2015)
KS1007.WAT.ZIP (Keifu Maru: Fall of 2010) CTD dissolved oxygen data are corrected.
KS1204.WAT.ZIP, KS1204.E (Keifu Maru: Spring of 2012) CTD salinity data are corrected.
RF1301.WAT.ZIP (Ryofu Maru: Winter of 2013) Flag of bottle data are corrected.
KS1506.CTD.ZIP (Keifu Maru: Summer of 2015) CTD salinity data are corrected.
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