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Revision history

20 October 2016 Added data in Spring of 2016.
Ryofu Maru: RF1504.CTD.ZIP, RF1504.WAT.ZIP, RF1504.E (Spring of 2015) CTD dissolved oxygen data are corrected.
Keifu Maru: KS1502.CTD.ZIP, KS1502.E (Winter of 2015); KS1506.CTD.ZIP, KS1506.WAT.ZIP, KS1506.E (Summer of 2015)
RF1505.WAT.ZIP, RF1505.E (Ryofu Maru: Spring of 2015) Total alkalinity data are corrected.
21 July 2016 Added data in Winter of 2016.
RF1507.WAT.ZIP (Ryofu Maru: Summer of 2015) Freon-11 and freon-12 data are corrected.
RF1505.CTD.ZIP (Ryofu Maru: Spring of 2015) CTD salinity data are corrected.
19 April 2016 Added data in Fall of 2015.
JPBN2015IM5.TXT (Keifu Maru); JGQH2015IM5.TXT (Ryofu Maru) Added Maritime meteorological data of 2015.
RF1501.WAY (Ryofu Maru: Winter of 2015) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration, and atmospheric and sea water methane concentration data.
Ryofu Maru: RF1502.WAY (Winter); RF1504.WAY (Spring); RF1505.WAY (Spring); RF1506.WAY (Summer); RF1507.WAY (Summer); RF1509.WAY (Fall) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration, and atmospheric methane concentration data of 2015.
Keifu Maru: KS1501.WAY (Winter); KS1502.WAY (Winter); KS1504.WAY (Spring); KS1505.WAY (Spring); KS1506.WAY (Summer); KS1508.WAY (Fall) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration data of 2015.
Ryofu Maru: RF1501.OHM, RF1501.FLT, RF1501.TRB (Winter); RF1502.FLT (Winter); RF1503.FLT, RF1503.TRB (Spring); RF1504.OHM, RF1504.FLT (Spring); RF1505.OHM, RF1505.FLT, RF1505.TRB (Spring); RF1506.FLT, RF1506.TRB (Summer); RF1507.FLT, RF1507.TRB (Summer); RF1509.OHM, RF1509.FLT, RF1509.TRB (Fall) Added petroleum hydrocarbon, heavy metal, floating pollutant and tar ball data of 2015.
Keifu Maru: KS1501.OHM, KS1501.FLT (Winter); KS1502.OHM, KS1502.FLT (Winter); KS1503.FLT, KS1503.TRB (Winter); KS1504.OHM, KS1504.FLT, KS1504.TRB (Spring); KS1505.FLT (Spring); KS1506.OHM, KS1506.FLT, KS1506.TRB (Summer); KS1508.OHM, KS1508.FLT (Fall); KS1509.FLT, KS1509.TRB (Fall)
Ryofu Maru: RF1501.CTD.ZIP, RF1501.WAT.ZIP, RF1501.E (Winter of 2015); RF1502.CTD.ZIP, RF1502.WAT.ZIP, RF1502.E (Winter of 2015); RF1503.CTD.ZIP, RF1503.E (Spring of 2015); RF1504.CTD.ZIP, RF1504.E (Spring of 2015); RF1505.CTD.ZIP, RF1505.E (Spring of 2015); RF1506.CTD.ZIP, RF1506.E (Summer of 2015); RF1507.CTD.ZIP, RF1507.E (Summer of 2015) CTD dissolved oxygen data are corrected.
Keifu Maru: KS1501.CTD.ZIP, KS1501.E (Winter of 2015); KS1502.CTD.ZIP, KS1502.E (Winter of 2015); KS1504.CTD.ZIP, KS1504.E (Spring of 2015); KS1506.CTD.ZIP, KS1506.E (Spring of 2015)
KS1505.CTD.ZIP, KS1505.WAT.ZIP, KS1505.E (Keifu Maru: Spring of 2015) CTD dissolved oxygen, phosphate, nitrite + nitrate, nitrite, silicate, hydrogen-ion concentration(pH), chlorophyll a, phaeophytin, dissolved inorganic carbon and total alkalinity data are corrected.
RF1507.AER.ZIP (Ryofu Maru: Summer of 2015) Aerological data are corrected.
Ryofu Maru: RF1201.OHM (Winter of 2012); RF1203.OHM (Spering of 2012); RF1205.OHM (Summer of 2012); RF1208.OHM (Fall of 2012); RF1301.OHM (Winter of 2013); RF1302.OHM (Winter of 2013); RF1304.OHM (Spring of 2013); RF1306.OHM (Summer of 2013); RF1310.OHM (Fall of 2013); RF1401.OHM (Winter of 2014); RF1402.OHM (Winter of 2014); RF1404.OHM (Spring of 2014); RF1409.OHM (Fall of 2014) Petroleum hydrocarbon and heavy metal data from 2012 to 2014 are corrected.
Keifu Maru: KS1201.OHM (Winter of 2012); KS1202.OHM (Winter of 2012); KS1203.OHM (Spring of 2012); KS1204.OHM (Spring of 2012); KS1206.OHM (Summer of 2012); KS1207.OHM (Summer of 2012); KS1208.OHM (Fall of 2012); KS1301.OHM (Winter of 2013); KS1302.OHM (Winter of 2013); KS1303.OHM (Spring of 2013); KS1305.OHM (Spring of 2013); KS1306.OHM (Summer of 2013); KS1308.OHM (Fall of 2013); KS1401.OHM (Winter of 2014); KS1402.OHM (Winter of 2014); KS1403.OHM (Spring of 2014); KS1404.OHM (Spring of 2014); KS1405.OHM (Summer of 2014); KS1406.OHM (Summer of 2014)
Ryofu Maru: RF0801.FLT (Winter of 2008); RF0804.FLT (Spring of 2008); RF0806.FLT (Summer of 2008); RF0811.FLT (Fall of 2008); RF0901.FLT (Winter of 2009); RF0904.FLT (Spring of 2009); RF0906.FLT (Summer of 2009); RF1001.FLT (Winter of 2010); RF1101.FLT (Winter of 2011); RF1108.FLT (Summer of 2011) Floating pollutant data from 2008 to 2011 are corrected.
Keifu Maru: KS0806.FLT (Summer of 2008); KS0901.FLT (Winter of 2009); KS0904.FLT (Spring of 2009); KS1109.FLT (Fall of 2011)
Kofu Maru: KH0801.FLT (Winter of 2008); KH0810.FLT (Fall of 2008); KH0910.FLT (Fall of 2009) Floating pollutant data from 2008 to 2009 are corrected.
Chofu Maru: NC0801.FLT (Winter of 2008); NC0804.FLT (Spring of 2008); NC0809.FLT (Fall of 2008); NC0901.FLT (Winter of 2009); NC0905.FLT (Spring of 2009); NC0906.FLT (Summer of 2009)
Seifu Maru: SM0801.FLT (Winter of 2008); SM0810.FLT (Fall of 2008); SM0906.FLT (Summer of 2009); SM0909.FLT (Fall of 2009)
21 January 2016 Added data in Summer of 2015.
KS1504.CTD.ZIP, KS1504.WAT.ZIP, KS1504.E (Keifu Maru: Spring of 2015) CTD salinity, CTD dissolved oxygen, potential temperature, potential density, hydrogen-ion concentration(pH), dissolved inorganic carbon, total alkalinity, thermosteric anomaly and geopotential anomaly data are corrected.
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