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Revision history

10 September 2020 Added data in Winter of 2020.
Ryofu Maru: RF1901.WAY (Winter); RF1902.WAY (Winter); RF1803.WAY (Spring); RF1904.WAY (Spring); RF1905.WAY (Summer); RF1906.WAY (Summer); RF1908.WAY (Fall) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration, and atmospheric methane concentration data of 2019.
Keifu Maru: KS1901.WAY (Winter); KS902.WAY (Winter); KS1904.WAY (Spring); KS1905.WAY (Summer); KS1906.WAY (Summer); KS1907.WAY (Fall); KS1908.WAY (Fall) Added atmospheric and sea water carbon dioxide concentration data of 2019.
15 June 2020 Added data in Fall of 2019.
JPBN2019IM5.TXT(Keifu Maru); JGQH2019IM5.TXT(Ryofu Maru) Added Maritime meteorological data of 2019.
Ryofu Maru: RF1901.OHM, RF1901.FLT, RF1902.FLT(Winter), RF1903.OHM,RF1903.FLT, RF1904.OHM, RF1904.FLT, RF1904.TRB(Spring), RF1905.FLT, RF1906.OHM, RF1906.FLT, RF1906.TRB(Summer), RF1908.FLT(Fall) Added petroleum hydrocarbon, heavy metal, floating pollutant and tar ball data of 2019.
Keifu Maru: KS1901.OHM,KS1901.FLT, KS1902.OHM, KS1902.FLT, KS1902.TRB(Winter), KS1904.FLT(Spring), KS1905.OHM, KS1905.FLT, KS1906.FLT(Summer), KS1907.OHM, KS1907.FLT, KS1908.FLT(Fall)
19 February 2020 Added data in Spring and Summer of 2019.
19 February 2020 RF1901.WAT.ZIP, RF1901.E (Ryofu Maru: Winter of 2019) Flag of bottle data, pH data, Dissolved inorganic carbon data and Total alkalinity data are corrected.
RF1902.WAT.ZIP, RF1902.E, RF1902.STN (Ryofu Maru: Winter of 2019) pH data and Dissolved inorganic carbon data are corrected. Added data RF-6428.
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