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Operational Information

Pause of Dissemination through MTSAT

Date Obs. HRIT Reference
20 March F21 X MSC-BUL-16-022
5 March F21 X MSC-BUL-16-019
3 - 6 March F03 X MSC-BUL-16-018
1 March N22 X MSC-BUL-16-017
23 February N22 X MSC-BUL-16-014
28 January F21 X MSC-BUL-16-010
16 January N01 X MSC-BUL-16-006
12 January N04 X MSC-BUL-16-008
12 January F04 X MSC-BUL-16-008
9 January N01 X MSC-BUL-16-003
2 January N02 X MSC-BUL-16-001
Date Obs. HRIT LRIT Reference
PS-F D0-F D1-F D3-F PS-N
21 November N04 X

X MSC-BUL-15-084
13 November N20 X

X MSC-BUL-15-082
24 October N20 X

X MSC-BUL-15-077
8 October N20 X

X MSC-BUL-15-075
6-11 October N02 X

X MSC-BUL-15-074
5 October N07 X

X MSC-BUL-15-072
22 September N20 X

X MSC-BUL-15-069
21 September N08 X

X MSC-BUL-15-068
7 September N09 X

X MSC-BUL-15-067
22 August - 6 September N14 X

X MSC-BUL-15-061
21 August - 6 September F15 X X X X

10 August N08 X

X MSC-BUL-15-059
10 August F08 X X X X
31 July F21 X X X X
17 July N13 X

X MSC-BUL-15-052
3 July N13 X

X MSC-BUL-15-049
26 June N14 X

X MSC-BUL-15-048
17 May N16 X

X MSC-BUL-15-039
11 May N20 X

X MSC-BUL-15-036
12 April N19 X

X MSC-BUL-15-032
11 April N19 X

X MSC-BUL-15-029
8 - 19 April F15 X X X X MSC-BUL-15-011
3 - 20 April N14 X

X MSC-BUL-15-011
20 March F21 X X X X
5 March F21 X X X X
4 - 8 March F03 X X X X
25 February N22 X

X MSC-BUL-15-016
18 February N22 X

X MSC-BUL-15-013
16 February F21 X X X X
28 January F21 X X X X
12 January N01 X

X MSC-BUL-15-003
5 January N01 X

X MSC-BUL-15-001

  • X: Pause
  • C: Change

Pause of Dissemination through MTSAT Archives