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Earthquake Information issued by Japan Meteorological Agency

Title Content and Timing to be issued
Seismic Intensity Information This information is issued within about two minutes from an earthquake to provide information on the regions where seismic intensity of 3 or more was observed. Each prefecture is divided into 2 or more regions.
Earthquake Information The location and magnitude of an earthquake is determined within about three minutes.  In case of no tsunamigenic earthquake, the message of “Tsunami is not expected” is added.
Earthquake and Seismic Intensity Information This information indicates the location of the hypocenter, magnitude, and name of regions, cities, towns and villages in which intensity of 3 or more was observed.
Information on seismic intensity at each site All stations which observed intensity of 1 or more, hypocenter location and magnitude of the earthquake are provided.
Shake Map Just after an earthquake, the shaking-intensity map is prepared. This map is produced taking into account local geological conditions and observed seismic intensity
Information on the number of earthquakes When earthquakes occur frequently in a same place called earthquake swarm, hourly/daily number of  earthquakes is provided.


  1. JMA successively, timely and immediately issues Earthquake Information after an earthquake occurrence as above.
  2. JMA Seismic Intensity is classified into 10 categories; namely 0 to 4, and 5 lower, 5 upper, 6 lower, 6 upper and 7.
  3. About 4,200 Seismic Intensity Meters have been deployed in Japan. Intensity information at each station is automatically transmitted to JMA Headquarters within a minute.