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To support the development of a clear and accurate understanding of seismic activity, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) conducts ongoing reanalysis of past tremors using the current hypocenter detemination method and occasionally reflects the results in its earthquake catalog.

The catalog previously contained no data on seismic activity from the period prior to 1923 due to loss of records in a fire at JMA Headquarters at the time of the Kanto Earthquake during that year. Against this background, JMA determined hypocenter locations from 1922 using local meteorological observatory records and released an earthquake catalog for 1922 on 14 March 2019.

Numbers of earthquakes classified with reference to hypocenter deremination flags and an epicenter distribution map are shown below.

Hypocenter determination flag K S Total
The number of the earthquakes 159 95 254

Epicenter distribution map for 1922
(K flags only)