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Termination of direct dissemination service via MTSAT-1R

Operational Information

Direct dissemination service via MTSAT-1R to be terminated on 4 December 2015

07 October 2015

  Imagery from the previous MTSAT-2 operational satellite is currently provided directly via MTSAT-1R through the L-band frequency High-Rate Information Transmission (HRIT) and Low-Rate Information Transmission (LRIT) services. JMA will terminate these services at 0630 UTC on 4 December 2015.

  As a replacement, JMA has provided the HimawariCast service since January 2015. HimawariCast disseminates imagery from the currently operational Himawari-8 satellite via a communication satellite. Dedicated equipment is needed to receive HimawariCast data. It should be noted that the receiving equipment for direct dissemination via MTSAT-1R will not work for HimawariCast data. For more information, see: