The sounder ATOVS aboard the NOAA/Metop satellites provides essential observational information for numerical weather prediction (NWP) to generate atmospheric analysis fields. The DBNet (Direct Broadcast Network) is operational arrangement under the World Meteorological Organization to provide NWP centers with ATOVS data received at direct readout stations within 30 minutes of observation.

This page presents the operational information on JMA as a direct readout station, and outline the status of all Asia-Pacific DBNet data collected in Tokyo via the GTS regarding navigation, calibration and timeliness.

Operational Information


Jun. 2nd, 2021
Metop-C/ATOVS products of Kiyose and Syowa station started to be disseminated to GTS.

May. 19th, 2021
The dissemination of ATMS product of Syowa station has resumed since May 17th, 2021 due to the antenna system issue resolved.

Jan. 15th, 2021
JMA DBNet S-NPP and NOAA-20 data received at Syowa station has been unavailable due to an issue related to antenna system update.

Specification of Our facilities

DR Schedule

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Monitoring Asia-Pacific DBNet products

Comparison with Global ATOVS Data

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Timeliness of DBNet Data in Tokyo

TBB Monitor

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