Timeliness of RARS Data at Tokyo

The RARS project aims to deliver ATOVS data received at direct readout stations within 30 minutes. JMA has been monitoring the timeliness of the data received at RTH Tokyo to check that the project target can be achieved and to locate any bottlenecks. This page shows the current status of the timeliness monitored.

  • Direct readout station
    • ALL: all stations
    • kiy: Kiyose, syo: Syowa Station
    • pth: Perth, dar: Darwin, mel: Melbourne, dvs: Davis, lea: Learmonth, csy: Casey
    • pek: Beijing, Urumqi, Guangzhou
    • jin: Jincheon
    • sgp: Singapore
    • hkg: Hong Kong
    • mau: Maupuia, lau: Lauder
    • pap: Papeete
    • del: Delhi, che: Chennai, hyd: Hyderabad