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Ryofu Maru 2201 cruise

Station chart | Observation Data

Station Chart

Station Chart JAY Line JBG Line PM Line G Line

Station Chart

Stations for hydrographic observation Station Number: RF-xxxx
Stations for XCTD observation Station Number: RF-xxxx
Stations for subsurface current observation Station Number: AF-xxx
Stations for XBT-DBT observation Station Number: TF-xxx

Observation Data

Area: East of Honshu and the Sea of Japan

Period: 26 January 2022 - 13 March 2022

Data File name File type File size Last updated
Cruise Information
Summary of cruiseRF2201.SUMTXT24 kB23 January 2023
Station informationRF2201.STNTXT47 kB5 August 2022
Oceanographic Data
Hydrographic dataRF2201.ETXT139 kB13 September 2022
CTD and XCTD dataRF2201.CTD.ZIPZIP768 kB20 September 2022
XBT-DBT data for standerd depthRF2201.TTXT1 kB13 September 2022
XBT-DBT dataRF2201.BT.ZIPZIP4 kB20 September 2022
Water sample dataRF2201.WAT.ZIPZIP45 kB20 September 2022
Subsurface current dataRF2201.ATXT23 kB13 September 2022
Greenhouse gas dataRF2201.WAYTXT39 kB15 September 2022
Floating pollutant dataRF2201.FLTTXT1 kB22 March 2023
Marine Meteorological Data
Maritime meteorological dataJGQH2022IM5.TXTTXT197 kB28 March 2023
Aerological dataRF2201.AER.ZIPZIP5 kB15 September 2022

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