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Keifu Maru 1007 cruise

Station chart | Observation Data

Station Chart

Station Chart PT Line HE Line KS Line JBG Line JAY Line

Station Chart

Stations for hydrographic observation Station Number: KS-xxxx
Stations for XCTD observation Station Number: KS-xxxx
Stations for subsurface current observation Station Number: AS-xxx
Stations for XBT-DBT observation Station Number: TS-xxx

Observation Data

Area: The western North Pacific and the Sea of Japan

Period: 02 October 2010 - 04 November 2010

Data File name File type File size Last updated
Cruise Information
Summary of cruiseKS1007.SUMTXT17 kB14 February 2017
Station informationKS1007.STNTXT82 kB22 December 2014
Oceanographic Data
Hydrographic dataKS1007.ETXT353 kB28 December 2016
CTD and XCTD dataKS1007.CTD.ZIPZIP2090 kB21 January 2014
XBT-DBT data for standerd depthKS1007.TTXT1 kB5 September 2011
XBT-DBT dataKS1007.BT.ZIPZIP10 kB5 September 2011
Water sample dataKS1007.WAT.ZIPZIP109 kB28 December 2016
Subsurface current dataKS1007.ATXT30 kB6 July 2012
Greenhouse gas dataKS1007.WAYTXT52 kB17 December 2014
Petroleum hydrocarbon and heavy metal dataKS1007.OHMTXT1 kB18 October 2013
Floating pollutant dataKS1007.FLTTXT1 kB23 August 2011
Tar ball dataKS1007.TRBTXT1 kB23 August 2011
Marine Meteorological Data
Maritime meteorological dataJPBN2010IM3.TXTTXT187 kB8 June 2011

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