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history of NWPTACHistory
advisory service status of NWPTACAdvisory Service Status

NWPTA General
geographical coverage, timing and criteria for issuance of NWPTAGeographical Coverage, Timing and Criteria for Issuance
means of dissemination of NWPTAMeans of Dissemination
contents of NWPTAContents of the Advisory

Forecast Points
forecast points and coastal nlocks of NWPTANWPTA Forecast points and coastal blocks

NWPTA Example
NWPTA sample message1Sample Message-1 A tsunami of 0.5 m or over is expected.
NWPTA sample message2Sample Message-2 
A tsunami of less than 0.5 m is expected for all forecast points.
NWPTA sample message3Sample Message-3 
An earthquake occurs in an inland area.
NWPTA sample message4Sample Message-4 
An earthquake occurs at a depth of 100 km or more.
NWPTA sample message5Sample Message-5 
Revision of the Advisory.
NWPTA sample message6Sample Message-6 
Dummy Message for Communication Test

Communication Test
NWPTA communication testCommunication Test
acknowledgement form for NWPTA communication testAcknowledgement Form (Word)

Technical Description
NWPTA technical description1Technical Description-1 Hypocenter Determination
NWPTA technical description2Technical Description-2 Magnitude Determination
NWPTA technical description3Technical Description-3 Estimation of Tsunami Arrival Time and Amplitude
NWPTA technical description4Technical Description-4 Tsunami Observations