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Historic Monthly Values

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Monthly Means Air temperature, Daily maximum temperature, Daily minimum temperature, Mean wind speed, Sea level air pressure, Station level pressure
Relative humidity, Vapor pressure, Cloud amount, Sunshine duration(percentage), Global solar radiation
Monthly Totals Sunshine duration(total), Precipitation, Snowfall depth

The tables are updated on the second of each month.


Form Example Meaning
Value 11.5 Reliable No problems were found in the automatic quality control. The value was computed from a complete dataset.
Value) 11.5) Quasi-Reliable Only slight problems were found in the automatic quality control, or the value was computed from the dataset with a few missing data.
Value] 11.5] Incomplete The value was computed from a dataset with excessive missing data.
- - No phenomenon No phenomenon was ovserved within the period.
X X Missing No value is available due to problems with observation instruments, etc.
Blank Out of observation No observation was conducted.
* 31* Most recent extreme values The value is the most recently observed of those two or more identical daily extreme values in the period.
# # Suspicious A serious quality problem was found in the value, treated as omitted from the statistics.
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