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Switchover of Meteorological Mission

Operational Information

Switchover of Meteorological Observing Function from MTSAT-1R to MTSAT-2

23 April 2010

  The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has been operating a meteorological mission to observe the earth from space using the MTSAT-1R geostationary satellite since 28 June 2005. As the service period of MTSAT-1R's earth imaging sensor will reach the end of its five-year design lifetime this summer, JMA plans to switch the observing function over to MTSAT-2 as outlined below.

1. Date and Time of Switchover

  MTSAT-2 observing images is provided from 03 UTC on 1 July 2010.

2. MTSAT-2 Observation

 The MTSAT-2's sensor captures earth images using one visible and four infrared channels in the same way as MTSAT-1R's.
 The observation timetable of MTSAT-2 will consist of alternative full-disk and half-disk observations in the same way as that of MTSAT-1R.

3. Imagery Data

 The center of imagery data provided by the HRIT dissemination service for MDUS will be changed in accordance with the satellite position.
 The center of MTSAT-2 HRIT imagery data will therefore be the MTSAT-2 position at 145°E, while that of MTSAT-1R data will be the MTSAT-1R position at 140°E.
 With respect to the LRIT dissemination service for SDUS, MTSAT-2 imagery data will be provided with the same map projection as MTSAT-1R data.
Full-disk visible imagery data will be additionally disseminated by LRIT as of the switchover.

4. Data Dissemination Service

  MTSAT-1R will continue to perform HRIT and LRIT dissemination services after the switchover.
 MDUS and SDUS will therefore be able to receive MTSAT-2 imagery data without adjusting the direction of their antennas.

5. Meteorological Standby by MTSAT-1R

  In the event of abnormalities with MTSAT-2 or the need for maintenance of the satellite or its ground system, MTSAT-1R will be brought back into operation after the switchover.

6. DCS Operation

  MTSAT-1R will continuously operate the Data Collection System (DCS) to collect environmental data from Data Collection Platforms (DCPs).

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