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Severe Weather Monitoring

Sample of severe weather monitoring
Infrared Image (Click to enlarge)
07-12 UTC on September 4, 2005

Localized torrential rainfall in the warm season and heavy snowfall in winter are typical of the severe weather events found in Japan. MTSAT enables detailed monitoring of the movement and development of these phenomena by providing frequently observed images at 30-minute intervals even outside the observing range of the rain radar network. These images make a significant contribution to the analysis and forecasting of such events as well as the issue of necessary warnings and advisories.

Localized torrential rain

The animation on the right shows torrential rainfall over the Tokyo region at 30-munute intervals. Precipitation of 97mm was observed from 16 to 18 UTC on September 4, 2005 at the Hanno observatory in the suburbs of Tokyo. The rainfall was caused by cumulonimbus clouds, which developed suddenly and remained stationary.


Heavy Snow

The picture below shows an MTSAT image captured in winter 2006. The convective cloud lines seen around Japan were generated by a cold air mass strongly blowing from a Siberian high over the Asian continent and provided heavy snowfall in Japan.

Sample of heavy snow monitoring
Visible imagery (07UTC on February 4, 2006)


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