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Sea Ice Monitoring

Information on sea ice is important for shipping and fishery. The extension and movement of sea-ice areas can be detected with the imagery of the MTSAT and NOAA satellites. In the MTSAT visible imagery below (Imagery-1), the details of the sea-ice area can be detected due to its higher spatial resolution. In the microwave imagery of the NOAA satellite (Imagery-2), the sea-ice area can be detected with less influence from the clouds, although it cannot be detail. (The brighter areas indicated by the red arrows are sea ice.)

Sample of sea ice monitoring (Imagery-1)
Imagery-1: MTSAT-1R visible imagery
00 - 06 UTC on January 12, 2006.

Sample of sea ice monitoring (Imagery-2)
Imagery-2: NOAA-17 microwave imagery
January 12, 2006.

Last updated 10 March 2009 (E)