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Sea Fog Monitoring

Sea fog frequently appears over the waters around Japan. Imagery from the newly loaded 3.8 µm sensor and infrared differential imagery (3.8 µm - 10.8 µm) from MTSAT are capable of detecting nighttime fog and showing its distribution over a wide area around Japan. Sea fog information retrieved from MTSAT imagery is therefore useful in enfancing the safety of maritime navigation. Although the infrared-1 image below (left side) does not show areas of fog, the infrared differential imagery (right side) does shows fog areas (surrounded by the dotted lines). In the daytime, fog areas appear as white or bright regions with a smooth surface in visible imagery.

Sample of sea fog monitoring
Infrared imagery (Left) and 3.8 µm difference imagery (Right)
11-20 UTC on July 14, 2005.
(Click to enlarge the left image.)   (Click to enlarge the right image.)

3.8 µm difference imagery is produced by subtracting temperatures in the infrared imagery from temperatures in the 3.8 µm imagery.

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