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Operational Information

Direct dissemination service via MTSAT-1R to be terminated on 4 December 2015.(07 October 2015)

Manual Amendment (MANAM)

An operational plan of MTSAT is provided to MDUS/SDUS users through HRIT and LRIT dissemination.
MANAM is issued every Thursday and on the other weekdays as needed. It is ASCII format text and contains a dissemination schedule from this Friday to next Sunday.

Modification of MANAM Format on June 24, 2010

In line with the observation satellite switchover from MTSAT-1R to MTSAT-2, the format of MANAM was modified on June 24, 2010. Major modifications in the new MANAM format are as follows:

  • Specification of current observation satellite
    The orbital positions of MTSAT-1R and MTSAT-2 are different; the former is at 140 east, and the latter is at 145 east. The new format includes information identifying the observation satellite.
  • Time of HRIT dissemination
    The time schedule for HRIT dissemination depends on which satellite is performing observation. Accordingly, MANAM shows a schedule based on the next observation satellite. To check schedule times before the satellite switchover, please refer to the previous MANAM. This type of satellite switching is planned not only for the switchover but also for ground system maintenance periods or times of system malfunction.
    • Note 1: The LRIT schedule will be changed only once on July 1, 2010, and will not be changed thereafter.
    •  Note 2: The dissemination satellite is always MTSAT-1R.

Sample of MANAM

Note: Latest MANAM is here.

Dissemination Schedule of MANAM

HRIT 02 and 08 UTC
LRIT 02 and 08 UTC